National Biodigester Initiative

National Biodigester Network Initiative

National Biodigester Network Initiative

Agricultural anaerobic digesters transform manure and organic materials into renewable energy, either for selling to the grid or for on-farm use. These digesters play a crucial role in reducing methane emissions, which is vital for achieving short-term climate goals. Additionally, they produce nutrient-rich digestate that can enhance crop yields when applied to fields. CANZA’s research highlights a national anaerobic digester and upcycling network as one of Canada’s top actionable strategies to significantly reduce emissions in the food system.

CANZA is still in the early stages of our journey towards determining how this initiative can effectively catalyze and seize the opportunity to scale networks of agricultural anaerobic digesters in communities across the country. We know it requires collaborative efforts involving government, industry, and other stakeholders.

This has been done effectively in other parts of the world.  Now it is time for Canada to catch up.  

There’s exploration and discovery to be done as we chart our course. Join us!