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Framework for Building a Monitoring, Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) System for Soil Organic Carbon (November 2023)

This report provides an overview of CANZA’s approach to developing a Monitoring, Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) system, a key pillar of the CANZA network’s Climate-Smart Farming Initiative that is working to help catalyze decarbonization activities across Canada’s agri-food value chain. It is intended to be used for sharing directions, building collaborations, and gathering ongoing input from farmers, stakeholders and technical specialists.

This report is produced as a summary companion piece to the MRV Blueprint Discussion Document published by CANZA in October 2023 which contains further technical detail.

Download the report here.

Carbon Offsets for Farmers

Various pathways exist to tap into carbon markets, but these opportunities are not always clear to stakeholders in the farming community. For this reason, the Smart Prosperity Institute in partnership with Co-operators has produced this report on agriculture-related carbon markets, providing a comprehensive assessment of related opportunities in Canada across voluntary, regulatory, and forthcoming carbon offset systems. The guide will help farmers navigate the complex and often opaque world of carbon markets, aiming to provide a concise but comprehensive summary of the state of play in Canada and opportunities to watch.

Download the report here.

CANZA Soil Carbon MRV Blueprint: Discussion Guide

The purpose of the Blueprint is to actively engage Canada’s agri-food sector in the development of a model, process, and approach for developing Scope 3 emissions projects and that can serve as the basis for further development and expansion through national demonstration projects in 2024.


Download the full Blueprint here. An Executive Summary is found here.